How a rogue househelp cut short the dreams of a young family in Ahero

A family is in grief following the murder of a mother and a three-months old baby who became the latest victims of another incident of rogue househelps. The young family of Evans Okeno, a clinical officer in Ahero is the latest casualty of murderous deeds that Kenyans have been experiencing in the hands of househelps.

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Clinical Officer and the husband and father to the deceased

The recent days witnessed an escalation in the abuses and uncouth behaviors from househelps with many family installing CCTV cameras to monitor their behaviors when left alone at home. Several video footage of househelps molesting babies have surfaced in the past prompting a debate whether it is ideal to employ a “mboch”  or not.

While the services of a mboch are significant for families, the damages they are causing continue to elicit concern on the criteria to use in employing them to ensure that one is safe from the unjustifiable brutality witnessed by some families.

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The death of Liz and her newborn Baby Leon has caused a lot of pain to the Okeno family and friends who have called upon the security forces to act in time and bring the culprit to justice. It is still unclear why the househelp acted in such a rogue manner. The latest incident calls for appropriate legislation or government action to curb a rapidly growing culture of impunity that househelps have adopted.

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