Pastor Burale’s ex-wife 4 shares tips to make marriage work from her failed marriage

Pastor Robert Burale’s ex wife has shared critical tips on making marriage work, opening up on their failed marriage that hit the rocks barely a year after a glamorous church wedding.

Speaking to Massawe Japani on Radio Jambo, she admitted that having so much expectations could lead to a failed marriage as was the case in her marriage to Burale.

During the candid interview, she also confessed that her marriage may not have worked as she did not love as much as expected and did not give it her all.

“Being born-again does not mean we did not have flaws. I had so much expectation from Burale because he was a pastor but I did not love as much as I expected.,” Rozinah Mwakideu said.

According to her, the secret to a successful marriage is patience that was lacking in her own marriage to the pastor.

“I was not patient…I was not a good woman because if I was good, we would still be married. We still talk but we have never met for the past five years since we parted.” She added.

Rozinah Mwakideu

Rozinah Mwakideu

She also advised that holding secrets and failing to open up to your partner could also see your marriage crash as was the case in her marriage.

“Robert had so many things he was hiding from me in the name of being a pastor” She asserted.

She advised women who choose to hang on even when things are not working just because they had a church wedding and what the society would say.

 “We had a church wedding and we tried to save my marriage but things were extreme. I have no regret and both of us have learnt [our] own lesson. We were opposing each other,” Mwakideu said.

Confirming that she had no regrets about breaking up with the pastor since her tribulations drove her to suicidal thoughts.

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